What is the size of the Everything Travel Blanket?
82" x 36"

Is the bag included with the travel blanket?

What materials are the travel blanket made from?
63% Polyester, 33% Rayon, 4% Spandex

Is it the softest, most luxurious travel blanket on the market?
We think so.

Are there any animal products in the travel blanket?
No. Our products are made from 100% animal-free materials.

What are the suggested uses for the travel blanket?
You can wear it as a scarf or a shawl, you can use it as a blanket, or you can use it as a pillow when the blanket is contained inside the bag.

How should I wash my blanket?
Wash with cold water and tumble dry.

What is your return policy?
We have a 14 day return policy and all products must be returned in new condition including tags. 

How can I contact E Marie Travel?
For general inquiries, you can reach our incredible team by going to our contact page or for customer support, email info@emarietravel.com.